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The concept of a relatively realistic and objective co-operation for the bank is not based on foreign experience, but thanks to 30 years of experience in the financial market. Today’s Good Finance Bank has its roots in Latvia dating back to 1987 to Sweden.

That is when the company started offering its tools to ordinary people for the simple payment of goods ordered from mail order catalogs. After a while, the product line was expanded and the company started offering credit services. In the autumn of 2016, Good Finance Bank entered the Latvian financial market and offered its products, distinguished by simplicity and objectivity.

Servicing at Good Finance Bank


It is hard to imagine a successful creditor giving his free funds to anyone who applies. But it is not difficult to imagine a successful bank that will only dispense money to those who need it and who can return it. Therefore, if you have successfully completed the first step of “application approval”, the remaining steps of the credit will be as simple and understandable as possible.

To apply for a loan but later sign an agreement with the bank, the borrower will not have to look for the nearest lender and spend time on a personal visit. It is sufficient to send the application to Good Finance Bank’s e-mail or bank’s website and, once approved, send all the necessary documents in the same way.

Signing of the credit agreement is allowed either by the customer’s electronic signature or by DPD courier service. Undoubtedly, the two parties cannot live without live contact, so the Good Finance Bank Customer Service Call Center comes to the rescue.

The creditor believes that consumer credit, a product that should not be complex, should be issued in a reliable and efficient manner. The absence of a creditor’s branch offices in Latvia and other countries does not necessarily mean that it is more difficult to obtain loans at Good Finance Bank. The customer service of this creditor is not inferior in quality to that of its competitors, but far outweighs that of its ‘colleagues’. This feature of service does not prevent each customer from being considered individually . On the other hand, this approach allows the bank to save on the cost of products and makes it more accessible.

Transparency and Transparency of Good Finance Bank


It is rare for banks to provide details on how to complain about their services on one of their landing pages. First of all, the borrower is offered to contact the bank’s customer service department, if the customer is not enough – can send a complaint to the bank’s e-mail. It is mandatory for the company to review the application or inform the client of its letter status within two weeks. In cases where the customer is not satisfied with the creditor’s response, Good Finance Bank offers to contact the Consumer Rights Protection Center or the dispute resolution website. Undoubtedly, such openness towards the customer is rare and highly valued by borrowers.

At the same time, the offeror explicitly states in the offers that his service charges do not include hidden commissions, which the client only learns when making a loan repayment. All the terms of the money and its subsequent repayment are clearly and comprehensively formulated from the outset, but the borrower can receive answers to his inquiries by telephone.

Good Finance bank loan categories

Good Finance bank loan categories

This creditor won’t offer you a long line of financial products, so it won’t be difficult for you to decide which type of cash assistance you need . There are only two loan categories at Good Finance Bank: car loan and cash loan. These two products are placed in different attachments on the creditor’s official page and each comes with its own online calculator.

1. Cash Credit: 500 to 4000 € with a repayment term of 1-5 years. All you need to do is send the application and a printout of your bank account for the last six months. The agreement is executed and signed without visiting the bank representative office. The money is transferred to any borrower’s bank card.


  • Age from 22 years.
  • There are no overdue payments on other loans.
  • Permanent residence in the territory of Latvia.
  • Completion of all documents in Latvian only.


  • Starting rate 19.9%.
  • Payment for the loan is 4.9% of the loan amount, the payment is immediately deducted from the loan amount.
  • Free customer service .
  • Effective annual rate – 24.48-34.81%.

To see the forms that the borrower will have to complete, simply click on the relevant link and receive it in PDF format.

2. Car loan. This loan has the same features as a cash loan, but the loan amount is slightly higher: 1000 – 7500 €. Also repayment term increased: 1-6 years. The requirements for a potential auto loan borrower are no different from a cash loan, the difference can only be found in the repayment terms.